IA Inspired – an inspirational day for Global Studies on September 28th

Next Tuesday it’s time for IA Inspired, an inspirational day regarding Global Studies. This year the event is held digitally, which means you can watch the stream from wherever you are and, whatever you study – in Swedish. “This day is held to pay attention, inspire and raise the student’s interest about the labor market”, says Klara Lövgren, communication responsible of IA Inspired.

On September 28th, students can take part of IA Inspired, an inspirational day for Global Studies, a part of the Sustainability Week at Jönköping University. This event is happening for the third time, and for the second time digital due to the pandemic. It will be held in Swedish and is available for all students, not just IA students. The schedule for the day contains; price ceremony of the best IA-thesis, panel discussion, inspirational talks, and alumnus. 

“Agenda 2030 is kind of the theme of the day”, says Madelene Svensson, the project leader of IA Inspired.

The project team behind the event consists of Madelene Svensson, Klara Lövgren, Matilda Kronholm, Philip Haraldsson and Andrea Stålberg, second- and third year students at the IA (Global Studies) program at HLK. This team was created at the end of April by Ann-Sofie Lekenstam, the IA program responsible, and has since then been working with the event. Klara describes the journey as up and down, a lot of fun and she’s also thankful for all the help they got from Ann-Sofie. Both Klara and Madelene are excited for the event, especially to see all their ideas become a reality.

“This day is to pay attention, inspire and raise the student’s interest about the labor market. Our industry is quite complex, but we hope to show the opportunities both on an international, national and local level”, says Klara Lövgren.

The event will be held on Zoom Webinar, where viewers will be able to interact by asking questions in the chat. The team hopes there won’t be any technical issues and that the schedule keeps the flow along the day. But apart from that, they don’t see any challenges with the event. It’s mainly excitement that fills both Klara and Madelene when they talk about the day and the journey since the end of April when they started working with the event together. They want to tell all IA students to join the IA Inspired project team for 2022.

“It’s a great opportunity to be a part of an event like this. You’ll get a lot of experience of making sure everything is on track, contacting people and how to use words through mail in a professional way”, says Madelene Svensson.


For more information about IA Inspired, live on Zoom Webinar on the 28th of September here

Madelene Svensson, the Project Leader of IA Inspired. Photo: Lina Eriksson
Klara Lövgren, Communication Responsible of IA Inspired. Photo: Lina Eriksson
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