Life after Covid kind of feels impossible

I wake up, get up, brush my teeth and I think to myself: “now what?”. We have gotten so used to staying at home, do our work from home because of the pandemic. At least I feel like I’ve lost the touch of reality. Nowadays, staying at home on a Saturday night, cuddling up in my bed while eating takeout and watching a movie has become such a normal thing to me instead of going out, having dinner and drinks with a few of my friends. It’s funny, I used to be an artist, and now I haven’t picked up a painting brush since the Covid breakout. I’m sure some of you also had or still have interests in your life such as playing sports, going to the gym or other activities that have been extra difficult to practise during this period of time.

These two past years have made me reflect though. It has made me reflect on what I want to do with my life, who I want in my life, what kind of energies do I want to be surrounded by? Yes, I know, I’m one of those spiritual types of people. For some, being closeted at home, being with yourself has been a great experience. For me, not so much. I just keep thinking “how would my life be if I actually got to experience that typical student life?”. I know it is a bit selfish to feel sorry for myself. Because of Covid, people have passed away, some have been affected in other ways. This time period has affected us all in different ways, so I guess everyone’s feelings are valid.

Now with the restrictions removed, I am not so sure I’ll ever go back to living the same way as I did. I will probably still stay in on a Saturday night, eating takeout while watching a movie. But hey, hopefully we will be able to return to how our lives were before. High hopes, right?

Written by: Merlinda Ajdini

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