What is Currently Happening in Ukraine?

The Russian military has been ordered to invade Ukraine and they are now taking control over cities, one by one. Allies of Ukraine are doing their best to help the Ukrainian people.

Last week on February 24, the Russian military force was ordered to invade Ukraine by their president, Vladimir Putin. Cities like Kharkiv, Mariupol and Kyiv have been bombarded, tearing down countless of buildings and leaving civilians hurt and injured. There are currently one million refugees trying to escape the country. Poland has opened its borders allowing the Ukrainian refugees and their pets to enter the country, offering food and shelter. Ukranians have been welcomed by other countries like Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia and they are also escaping to other countries in the Europe region. Organizations like The Red Cross, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and International Rescue Committee are now on site on the Ukrainian borders providing refugees with humanitarian aid and medical supplies. 

The history between Russia and Ukraine

According to Global Conflict Tracker, Russia started moving heavy military weaponry close to the Ukrainian border that separates Russia from Ukraine in 2014, which made it seem like Russia was preparing for something, like an invasion. In 2021, Russia demanded NATO to reject Ukraine from joining them, which then Biden responded with a warning of economic consequences that Russia would have to face. Russia’s military weaponry kept growing by the Ukrainian border which now led to them invading Ukraine.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has decided to not send in troops to Ukraine since they are not part of NATO. Instead, they are supplying neighbouring NATO countries with troops. Allies of Ukraine are donating weaponry and millions of euros to provide for medical supplies and humanitarian aid, providing help for the Ukrainian people.

What Sweden is doing to provide help in Ukraine

Sweden is donating 500 millions Swedish crowns in order to provide humanitarian aid. They are also donating military supplies worth 400 millions Swedish crowns in order for the Ukrainian troops to protect themselves. 

What YOU can do to help

Social media is used by millions of people, and sometimes not everything that is spread on there are correct facts. Therefore, you should be aware of what might and what might not be correct. You can donate to organizations such as The Red Cross and UNICEF that are in Ukraine helping refugees. You can also look into local health organizations in order to see if they are in need of donations.

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