Does JU need a newspaper?

Photo of the editorial team.
Editors Matej Kyjovsky & Amanda Söderberg
Photo: Eva-Lena Niklasson

In the middle of the fall semester, EDIT has been going around campus, getting the feel of what the students and associations want us to cover. We needed to prepare and finally feel ready to get the ball rolling for this school year.

In the past, EDIT has been focusing on a more anecdotal approach, with stories from students on campus. This has fueled a lot of creativity in the EDIT team, however, we do also see space for improvement.

EDIT has received hints from students, expressing feeling like they are attending “disconnected schools”, and how they wish for more meaningful discussion about critical issues. We find this important and believe that EDIT can help bring JU colleges closer – through a consistent flow of information and participation; voicing concerns and feedback, and emphasizing public discourse. In the future, we will also be publishing numerous journalistic articles, including news, debates, chronicles from the students, and opinion pieces. Through this transformation, we hope to impact student life here in Jönköping. Lastly, we also encourage, and implement a way for students to send in tips, and their debate- and opinion pieces to be published on the EDIT website. 

What is the purpose of EDIT? 

EDIT aims to work with the Student Union, the University administration, all Student associations, and other campus stakeholders, to communicate important events, news and happenings. Furthermore, EDIT will serve as an entity that bridges the gap between students and the decisions being made concerning their campus lives. 

What are we trying to achieve this semester? 

EDIT is currently transforming into a more meaningful, journalistic magazine with an emphasis on providing news and stories related to the students, to create a more informed, transparent, inclusive, and enjoyable university experience. We want to focus on sparking constructive discussion around topics related to students while simultaneously aiming to include as many different university students and stakeholders as possible. With the help of printed and web-based articles and interactive discussions with students, we want to give voices to individuals and associations.

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