Global challenges + Munksjön = a tipspromenad (quiz walk)

Between April 24th and May 16th, it’s possible to take a classic tipspromenad, quiz walk, along Munksjön and test yourself on development issues. FUF Jönköping is inviting all citizens to a fun corona safe activity to spread knowledge about global challenges.

LGBTQ, nuclear weapons, access to sanitation, and the number of women in parliaments – those are a few of the topics of the tipspromenad, quiz walk, the student association FUF Jönköping is inviting the citizens to, with the hope of spreading awareness about the global challenges we are facing. Between April 24th and May 16th everyone can walk along Munksjön and at the same time quiz themselves on development issues. 

“It’s 15 questions that both include development in Sweden, historically and present, but also development in countries all over the world”, says Andrea Fröberg, the Social Media Manager of FUF Jönköping.

The start of the quiz walk.
The red mark is where the quiz walk is located.

The questions are written in both Swedish and English, with the answers on the back of every paper. The first question is located by the little green bridge (the spot around the lake that’s closest to Ica Maxi) and then you walk clockwise to Järnpergolan (iron pergola) where the last question is located. If you want to learn more about specific topics the questions are bringing up, the source is written down on every paper, for further reading. If you already now want to learn more, Andrea suggests checking out UN and Oxfam.


If you walk along Munksjön and discover there’s a question missing, or if you find a question out in the wild, feel free to contact the association so they can come and pick it up. It’s important that FUF Jönköping is the one putting them back in their right spot, since there are permissions from the police and municipality involved in this event. FUF Jönköping is happy to be able to have a corona friendly event with it being outside but wants to say that it’s important that everyone keep distance to each other and keep following the restrictions.

If you are participating in the event, feel free to upload an Instagram story during the tipspromenad and tag @fufjonkoping. Their Instagram is also their number one source if you have any questions regarding the event or the association as a whole.

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