Going International – Juliana Frey

Juliana Frey has always been infatuated with music. She will now be performing at an event here at Jönköping University on Thursday, which brings her much excitement. 

Juliana (Julie) Frey, an exchange student from Austria, is now studying at HLK at Jönköping University. Julie has at all times had a passion for music, ever since she was young. – Music makes me feel like nothing else and it helps me express my emotions. It has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember, Julie says. 

IAC, a student union at Jönköping University is now hosting a live music event at Café Rio. One of the event coordinators asked Julie to perform at the event, and as soon as she was asked, Julie jumped at the opportunity with a big “yes”. 

This is not the first singing event Julie is participating in. Being part of a band back home in Austria, she has experience in performance. This is the first concert she is performing at that is not in Austria though.

Julie explains that you always need a bit of excitement and nervousness in order to give a good performance. – Of course I am nervous, just a bit though. But I am really happy I get the chance to perform here, she says.

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