Peppe in Milano – part 1. “The start”

Who said it would be easy moving to a new place? Not me. And I sure know now. Since September 2021, I have been planning for my semester abroad in Milano, making sure all the documents are right, finding somewhere to live and slowly starting to learn the language through an app. But it all comes down to the last week. I had do stay away from omicron who takes everyone who gets close. Skip all those “goodbye”-hugs from my favorite people even if I so so so much wanted to hug them for minutes. Take my booster-shot and hope not to get too many side effects. Pack enough for five months. Take a PCR-test and hope it’s negative – which it was, thankfully!


So, what went wrong? Well, with less than a week before I was going to move into my apartment in Milano, I got the news that a water damage had appeared in the unit I was about to rent, and suddenly I had nowhere to live. I can calm you with saying I now have somewhere to live and that all the people in Italy I reached out to has been very kind even if they couldn’t help me. But yeah, I would call it a bump on the road and some extra stress adding this already abitnervousperson. And as I weren’t stressed enough flying for the first time in forever and going through check in and security, guess what happened next? With almost an hour before take off I get the news that my flight is cancelled. Yes, just my kind of luck.


So, yeah. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you prepare yourself for something. Outer circumstances may make you take a 180 degree turn and just accept the new situation and re-think. And that might not be as bad as you have imagine in the first place, learning by doing right? And I actually made a friend on the flight (Stockholm-Frankfurt-Milano) – who would have guessed after this crazy day?!


I’m Pernilla – the former Editor in Chief, and I will take you with me on my semester abroad, covering all types of adventures and obstacles on the way. Hope you’ll enjoy, ciao!

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