Running into summer

The pandemic has affected many industries in different ways, and one of them being the race arrangers. Races have been cancelled,  postponed, and some have been held virtually. Until we know more; nature is just around the corner, and with a pair of running shoes and a playlist of great music or podcasts – running is the way to go. Here are some tips for great running sessions:

Pyramid intervals:

 5 min – 4 min – 3 min  2 min  1 min – 45 sec – 30 sec – 15 sec

(with 30 sec walking between every interval)

This works for both the ones who are running a lot and those who want to start. For every interval you should aim for a faster pace. Either you do this as a quick session with the first interval as a warm-up, or you can throw this session into a long-distance session. There is also a possibility to make this session longer by adding minutes in the interval, why not start at 7 min running instead of 5 min and take the pyramid down to 15 sec.

Sunday-run day-fun day:

A lot of long-distance runners often do their long run on Sundays, both by themselves and in groups. Some say a long run should be at least 90 minutes, while others say 60 minutes for the ones who are not very used to running, and for those who run even longer 120 minutes might feel like a great amount of time. Long runs don’t have to be fast paced, this session is for those who want to get more perseverant – and a must for those who want to run a marathon. Set the goal to be outside for the amount of time you choose, and if you don’t feel like running all the way, then take breaks of walking. Being outside will do you good. 

Buddy-run around Munksjön:

Find a friend of yours and start by school, and then you run opposite directions around Munksjön. Hopefully you meet halfway and then you’ll meet at the end. Perfect if you need that extra push, but also if you and your friend have different paces. This might also be perfect for the more competitive runners . If you want more kilometers, take a small break after you’ve both done the first lap, and then switch directions. 

Hill intervals:

Start with a 15 minute warm-up and find a hill (which we have tons of in Jönköping). Depending on the length of the hill and how steep the hill is, the session can look different, but here is one suggestion  of a hill session: 5x 60 sec – 5x 45 sec – 5x 30 sec – 5x 15 sec. Run uphill and walk downhill. Finish the session with 15 minutes of slow running. This is a great strength session. Hill intervals are always a good idea for improving your running.

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