Warm Welcome for Walpurgis Eve

Spring is here and Walpurgis Eve, also known as Valborg, is just around the corner, how exciting!

However, as a new student in a foreign city, it can be difficult to know which are the best places to celebrate the arrival of spring in jönköping.

Following is a list of some events that will take place during the 30th of April. The only thing you need to do is gather the gang, the picnic-blanket and put on your best party mood!

Valborg Celebrations in Jönköping 2023

Celebration number 1

Organized by: Jönköping Student Union

Location: Hälsoparken

Activities: Choir singing, spring speech and the annual Sexcamp between the different Sexmasteries and the crews from Akademien

Sexmasteries: Cellskapet, Sexkreation, HI-LIFE, Blue Crew, Pedsex Park, Qultmästeriet, Pubpoolen, Matpoolen and Fotopoolen.

The day’s celebrations naturally end at AKA!

More information can be found on JSU’s official webpage http://www.jonkopingsstudentkar.se/.

Celebration number 2

In accordance with tradition, a Walpurgis fair celebration is held in the city park.

Organized by: KFUM 

Location: Värendsberget

In previous years, there has been choir singing, a may-bonfire as well as fireworks.

A traditional May bonfire with hundreds of people gathered around to welcome spring. For students, Valborg, or Walpurgis, is the first sign that summer is actually arriving.

Bonfire in Uppsala 2022. Photo taken by Rebecca Moberg.

Celebration number 3

A traditional Walpurgis fair celebration in Gränna!

Location: Grännaberget

There will be a spring speech, choral singing and May bonfire.

More celebrations around Jönköping can be found at https://jkpg.com.
Remember, have fun and stay safe! 

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