When can I get vaccinated in Jönköping?

Prepare to roll up your sleeves because young, non-at-risk peoples’ place in the vaccination queue is gradually getting closer to the front.

Sweden is following a decentralised vaccination scheme where each municipality is responsible for the planning of the rollout. Jönköping county has divided it into phases and currently we are at the start of phase 4.

Here is a link to 1177 Vårdguiden’s information page on the vaccine rollout scheme in Jönköping:

Swedish link – more detailed information can be found via this link, use google translate or get a friend to translate it, though I will try to include most information (relevant to the time this was written)

English link – Same website in English with a bit less specific information but still useful

Phases 1 through 3 generally are focusing on elderly people (60+), those of all ages in risk groups (find more information on who belongs to a risk group via the previous link), priority healthcare personnel, and those living with at risk people. At the time of writing, phases 1-3 are still ongoing. Phase 4 aims to focus on those between ages 18-59 who don’t belong to a risk-group. It has recently started, scheduled to start sometime in the beginning of May, although official information provided on the more detailed Swedish website has indicated that phase 4 will be split into ‘sub-phases’, currently those aged 55-59 can get the vaccine and it says that those younger than 55 are not yet able to receive the vaccine and that ‘more information will come later’. Assume that this will be in the next weeks.

DISCLAMER: These pages are updated frequently, often with important updates and information that could let you know when you are able to be vaccinated. Make sure to check back on the website regularly to ensure you don’t miss updates and can book your appointment when available via 1177’s special online vaccination booking system.

You may have noticed that some vaccination programs in other countries around the globe are heaps and bounds ahead of Sweden. A lot of this is down to need, for instance more population dense countries such as the UK are already way ahead with more than half of the British population having already received at least one dose of the vaccine. Policy is also a big reason, Sweden never locked down so relative to other countries their economy wasn’t affected as much therefore there are less factors pushing them to spend the large sums of money on huge shipments of vaccines like other countries have been for the past few months. Of course, an even bigger decider is actually having the money to spend on these vaccines in the first place, with companies like Pfizer charging governments extortionate rates for vaccines and early production being almost completely bought up by rich countries, it’s not an easy situation but that’s another story. Keep updated and stay safe, make sure to let your friends know when it comes time for your age group.

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