25 and thriving – save the date

Spring Inspiration theme launch party. Photo: Pernilla Eriksson

This Monday, Spring Inspiration had their theme launch party to announce the theme of Spring Inspiration 2022 – 25 and thriving. Now, the countdown has begun for the upcoming fashion show on April 9th 2022, that will take place at Elmia.

9:00 p.m. the doors opened to Glädje/ID where Spring Inspiration held their theme launch party. The guards looked at the tickets, ID:s and vaccination certifications. One of the guards told EDIT the difference he had seen from working before December 1st when the vaccination passes, there’s not as many people out as there usually are in bars and nightclubs before December 1st. He wasn’t sure if the reason was because of more people not being vaccinated or what, but he wasn’t ready for such a clear difference. But this event was a ticket event where Spring Inspiration had sold about 100 tickets, and welcomed all guests with a goodie bag filled with everything from facemasks to snacks, and a glass of cava.

The hosts of the night were Robin Axelsson and Katherine “Kattis” Giedraitis, and early in the evening they presented the competitions of the night; best dressed and a photo competition. They also brought attention to the different activities, where the main one was Joao Tereso, a tattoo guy from Halmstad, who would be there the whole evening. But also a table with fabric laying, where everyone can write or draw something to contribute to the fashion show. The fabric will become a part of the collection that the Spring Inspiration design team creates for the show.

Walking around talking with guests, everyone had their own guessings for the theme. The 90’s, future, sustainability, disco, afterski, business, rock and the 00’s. The room had a lot of 25-balloons, which made people think it would have to do something with Spring Inspiration turning 25 – but still, no one knew for sure. Therese Karlsson, from the Spring Inspiration marketing team, who was a part of the team last year as well, was very happy seeing everyone there and was hoping everyone enjoyed their time at the party. Last year there was no theme release party so the excitement was over the top this year, even if she was a little worried beforehand that everyone would turn sick and not be able to attend. But around 100 students attended the launch party, almost everyone who brought a ticket.

A few minutes before 11:00 p.m, the winners of the competition were announced just before the two project managers entered the stairs. Emilia Heidar and Ellen Johansson, held a speech leading up to the theme release video. With clips from all the years Spring Inspiration has existed, it finally presented the theme – 25 and thriving.

Tattoo guy Joao Tereso and the queue. Photo: Louise Christell.
Selma Bolin and Elin Larsson, guests attending the event. Photo: Louise Christell

On April 9th, Scandinavia’s biggest fashion show held by students, will take place at Elmia where the inspiration will be focused on the 25 years that have passed from the beginning of Spring Inspiration. The fashion show will involve parts of each theme that has been during the 25 years. 

-It was given that 25 and thriving would be the theme of this year’s show, Ellen Johansson, project manager, said.

-This year’s show will be the best year so far, especially since we haven’t had the opportunity to host the event face-to-face with our guests in two years, Emilia Heidar, project manager, said.

-Yes, and this is so much bigger than people think, Ellen Johansson finished the interview.

Emilia Heidar and Ellen Johansson, the project managers of Spring Inspiration 2022. Photo: Louise Christell.

The night continued at Glädje/ID where Joao Tereso went from having a physical queue to a queue ticket system so that everyone could get their tattoos before the end of the night. Keep an eye on Spring Inspiration’s social media for more information, their model casting is their next event coming up. Otherwise, save the date  – 9th of April 2022.

Reporters from the event: Louise Christell and Pernilla Eriksson.

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