We all have things we love to do, to take our mind off the reality that is life. For me, a nice comedy movie is just the thing. I learnt one day that just when you thought a movie was over, it may not be. Some movies have a ten to twenty second scene after the credits that I just cannot miss. These scenes always make me so happy to the point I wish the movie had a sequel. So, if you happen to watch a movie with me and see me enjoying the credits, I am not mad, I am waiting for my ten second scene of glory.

Even though these movies are meant to take me from reality, our life too is like a tragicomedy movie of some sort. It allows us ten seconds of glory in between the sequels. At this point I imagine you have no clue on what you are reading but I guarantee this is not the first time you felt like this. Do you remember the first part of our tragicomedy movie when covid 19 put a stop to the world? You also did not have a clue then that in December 2021, which is practically 2022, the world would realise nothing is going to be the same again. Variant after variant seems like a movie that starts out as a one off, and then before we know it, it’s like a Star Wars franchise.

I can imagine the committee of people who sit to discuss the names of the variants that seem like movie titles. Delta, Omicron, I can only guess the next variant will be called “disaster”. The situation is one we must get used to, now that there are a fresh set of restrictions here in Sweden and other parts of our world. We had a good ten seconds but sadly, they are over now. It is time for the sequel. 

The first thing you need to do is ensure you are certified. I mean get vaccinated and receive a certificate because everyone else needs to prove you are vaccinated. Unless you intend to stay in your room the whole time, getting vaccinated is very important. You will not be able to attend concerts or venues that host more than 100 people. And besides, the university may also decide to require the EU digital covid certificate to attend school activities or events.  The second thing is to get informed, know who is at risk and what needs to be done and how it should be done. Most of this information can be accessed easily at krisinformation.se. The third thing you need to do is be normal, walk through this time like you normally walk. Nothing has changed. We are entering 2022 just like we entered 2021, with a bit of distance and a lot of questions.

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