Moah Palm- a student balancing life as an influencer

Being an influencer on social media while studying is not as easy as it sounds. Moah Palm, 21 years old, an influencer on TikTok and a student at Dalarna University has her hands full and is doing her best to keep up with life while studying and living the influencer life.

Moah graduated high school during 2020, and right after high school she packed her things and moved to Borlänge, Sweden and started studying at Dalarna University. Since her first year in high school, she was determined to get a social workers degree. Her dream was to help people. During the pandemic, she had a lot of free time since getting to know people was out of the question. That was when she downloaded the social media platform Tiktok and when she then started creating content.

– I felt lonely. The only thing that kept me going during the pandemic was talking to friends via Face-Time and using TikTok to create these “silly” videos, as some may say, brought me some kind of entertainment, says Moah.

She started getting a huge following, which was surprising to her. A bunch of companies reached out to her asking about collaborations. She accepted some of them, of course, and started making an earning. Moah recently started asking herself if continuing with social media was such a great idea since it became so time consuming. Her dream has after all, always been to help people, to become a social worker.

– I am young. Of course I’m confused whether I want this or that. Social media is taking up a lot of my time. I just have to sit with myself and figure out what I want in life.

Written by:  Merlinda Ajdini

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