The night of the Masquerade ball – this year’s winter banquet

An exciting and thrilling night at the castle, with surprises and happenings, with people behind mysterious masquerade masks, and great music was a nice break in the otherwise current study-hectic schedule. The ball committee invited the students to a fabulous ball-evening on the night of the 27th November.  

This year’s theme of the ball was Masquerade and the guests who attended the ball had gotten the instructions to put on a mask for the night as well as your most formal wear. Beautiful dresses and handsome suits were a nice contrast to the otherwise more, not so formal, wear of the Ovve.

The event took place at Stugan where the view over Jönköping gave the ball an even more nice touch to the otherwise, nicely organized event. Amusements by toastmaster, music and great food were to be enjoyed during the banquet dinner. Later on during the evening the after party took place with shots and a great deal of dancing – I am probably not the only one who had feet hurting from all the dancing when walking home.

The theme of the night, Masquerade, was a red thread along the whole event. The banquet room, as well as the after party venue, was decorated in masquerade-inspired decorations with tons of nicely colored balloons and lace masks hanging from the candelabras. 

The ball committee did a great job with organizing this year’s winter ball and I am certained that all students enjoyed the evening while creating joyful memories.

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