Apply to get involved with the Student Union – before Sunday

Board Member, Nomination Committee or Operations Controller – these positions in the Student Union are now open for application. Sonja Ihalainen from JIBS is one of the students involved in the Jönköping Student Union. She hopes everyone wanting to be involved, try something new and meet amazing people send in an application.

The Student Union has opened their recruitment for this fall. If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, part of the Nomination Committee (JTH and HHJ only) or one of the Operations Controllers, the Student Union wants your application before this Sunday, October 3rd. No need for previous experience when applying for all positions but being a part of the Student Union will hand you the opportunity to make a direct difference in the student life at JU.

Five people in three different positions. The open position as a Board Member is (one person) and in this role you are the student voice on the board which means you need to create a relationship with your co-students. As a Board Member you work towards making the Student Union better. The second open position is Operations Controller (two people) and in this role you keep an eye on the board to make sure they are following all their guidelines. The last position is only open for JTH and HHJ students and is the Nomination Committee (two people). Being on the Nomination Committee means you will work and find the best candidates to put on the board and then recommend them It´s a position for people wanting to develop their interview or recruiting skills. 

Sonja Ihalainen, who studies Marketing Management, is the JIBS representee in the current JSU’s Nomination Committee and she has been a part of the committee for two years. Being in the Nomination Committee, Sonja describes, as a great opportunity to be involved and have an impact at the same time as focusing on the studies, since this position doesn’t require as much time as she believes other associations and committees might have. During the two years Sonja has been involved in the Student Union she has gained understanding of the organization as well as interviewing skills to apply in her own professional life.

”It’s a great position to apply if one is interested of being involved in a group that aims to get the best candidates to be in charge of the student life in campus, wants to try something new and meet amazing people”, says Sonja Ihalainen.

For more information about the positions and the recruitment process, visit the Student Union website here.

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