The doors to AKA are opening again

Speculations whether AKA will open or not was confirmed this Wednesday when it was announced that the doors to the night club will be opening next week on October 6th. “Me and the crew are more than excited,” says Agust Kroon, manager of AKA. 

“It’s been empty and still” he says, describing the nightclub that since one and a half years back had to be shut because of the pandemic. Besides the planning of the AKA nights during the kickoff and a few other events during the spring, the manager has not been able to do much. The Student Union have had their hopes up since this spring to open up the club again, when the news came that the restrictions would drop there was no question about it.

Despite the excitement for the reopening of AKA, Agust admits that it feels a bit weird to fill up the club with students again when there is still a pandemic. Just like before the pandemic there is a maximum number of students who get to enter the club, a number which will be reevaluated further on, if it needs to be limited or not. 

“It’s about taking one night at a time and evaluate thereafter” Agust says. 

Agust Kroon, the manager of AKA. Photo: Emma Björkdahl, Communication Coordinator at the Student Union.

Preparations have been fun and also towering for the Student Union. Elmer Lidström, the project leader, says that because the club has been closed for so long it takes a lot of work to get the ball rolling again, especially the employment process. 

“AKA is a big machine and it takes a lot of people every Wednesday to realize an AKA night, so recruiting new people has been a challenge” Elmer says. Thankfully a lot of people want to be involved in the night club and they now have enough staff members to be ready for the opening night next week. 

Because of the pandemic, first and second year students have not yet experienced the night club yet. Astrid Berg is one of them and she has high expectations for next week. 

“I’m expecting a nice atmosphere and I’m hoping to meet a lot of new students and also to finally feel like a real student at JU”. 

Elmer Lidström himself experienced the club as a student and says it’s an experience he grants every student at JU. And if we should trust what Agust himself has to say about the night club there will be no disappointments. He describes AKA as a unique place where people can come in whatever clothes, ovve or not, have some food, hang out in the lounge while some choose to go crazy on the dance floor. There is a variety of music offered so that it can be appreciated by as many people as possible. The club has two dance floors, one is RnB and the other has house music. Just like before the pandemic the entrance is free the first hour. 

“According to me it’s one of the best clubs you can go to. The dynamic and feeling there is amazing. I think that’s because it’s created by students for students” he says. 

They’re hoping to keep the club open until December.

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