Bröstgalan – a pink month charity evening

On Friday it’s time for Bröstgalan 2021, an annual gala during the pink month to collect money for breast cancer research. For everyone attending there will be an evening with food and drinks, and an auction with a lot of things to bid on – where all the money goes to Bröstcancerfonden.“We hope as many people as possible want to attend and help us help” Cellskapet says.

7 p.m. on Friday, the doors are opening at AKA to welcome all the guests to Bröstgalan 2021, a charity event held by Cellskapet – the sexmastery at HHJ. When buying a ticket for the gala you can either buy an alcohol ticket (115:-) which includes a glass of bubbles and dinner, or a sober ticket (80:-), you’ll get a patch with both tickets as well. The dress code for the evening is suit. Tomorrow, Wednesday, you will be able to buy tickets in Rio between 16-20 if you haven’t bought yours yet. Cellskapet will be in Rio together with Westcoast.

The auction of the evening will make it possible for all guests to bid on different things, both from other student associations and companies. When going to an auction it’s the one bidding highest that gets the auction object. All profit goes directly to Bröstcancerfonden. Last year Bröstgalan collected about 68 000 Swedish crowns for the breast cancer foundation.

“Our goal is to collect more money than last year”, Cellskapet says to EDIT.

If you are not able to attend the event, you can contribute by buying patches and bracelets in Rio tomorrow, but also send money through their Swish tomorrow or on Friday.

“There’s still tickets left and all students [not just HHJ-students] are warmly welcome. We hope as many people as possible want to attend and help us help”, Cellskapet finishes.

Photo: Cellskapet
Photo: Cellskapet
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