We have almost come to the end of this year with only two months to spare but a lot to do still. The time we have left represents the busiest time of the year to most people. It is the beginning to the end of a semester, a start to internships, a start of a new season, a time of thanksgiving and festival, a time to re-evaluate our resolutions and it is a time that wraps up the 12-month set into a new year.

Interestingly enough the many activities of this time including our education makes the time run by so fast, sometimes leaving us struggling to keep up. Most of the time it feels like the rest of the year’s unfinished business is crammed up into November and December but that does not have to be the case. Now that we can meet our friends, have discussions, study together and hang out, we can use this time to connect with our peers from all over the world. Share experiences, knowledge, and stories. These two months can be dedicated to accomplishing the tasks at hand and even if you do not make it, there is always next year. 

photo: BMujuzi

For those of us starting our internships or  already there, this will surely be a great way to end this year. Setting yourself up for the world after school and leaving out your last days as a student working and learning in a professional environment. You will be surprised to learn a lot of new things about yourself. Maybe the new students are looking to add onto their courses, change courses or move on with the choices they made, this is the time of the year for these tough decisions too.

 As our studies go on, the weather and world around us changes too. A significant amount of time during this period is spent in preparations for the year to come and the new season. Do not be surprised if things in Jönköping start moving a little faster than usual, it is just humanity trying to catch up with time.

 However, this time also represents happiness and joy, it is the door to the festive season after all. So, despite it getting colder and darker, let our eyes remain fixed to the opportunities and assignments we must hand in before our deadlines. We shall talk about the rest during winter break. Chao 

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