Can you solve this year’s sustainability challenge?

3:00 PM on April 19th starts the Sustainability Challenge 2021, where you together with your friends get the opportunity to try out entrepreneurship for 48 hours. “If you would like to get a feeling on how it is to be an impactful entrepreneur, you really should join our challenge”, says Anna Conrad, the Event Strategist of StartUP Jönköping.

On Thursday, April 1st the registration opens up for the Sustainability Challenge, held by StartUP Jönköping, in collaboration with SSA (Students for Sustainable Action) and Science Park. There will be a limitation of numbers of teams, so make sure to register if you are interested. For 48 hours students, in teams with maximum five people, get the opportunity to become an entrepreneur by solving a challenge the participating company loop-it is facing at the moment, and include the UN sustainable development goals. It will result in a video pitch that will be uploaded for the jury to see. The winning team will get offered a startup case from loop-it, which includes either becoming a City Ambassador or an internship/ a working student role at loop-it. There might be other prizes as well, but all the participating students will, apart from getting the opportunity to try out entrepreneurship, also get fika and free lunch.

Design: Alexandra Gredeus Ampuero

It was during a creative brainstorming session in the beginning of the semester, the idea of the sustainability challenge was born. Anna and the others at the meeting were discussing the challenges the society is facing today – climate change and lack in female founders worldwide. Then they decided that those were the two topics they would emphasize on for the two upcoming events, with the Sustainability Challenge as the first one. They invited Raja Schäfer, one of the SSA members, to join the jury to make sure the winning team is really providing sustainability.

“It’s interesting to see what other students can come up with”, says Raja. 

StartUP Jönköping has a continuous collaboration with Science Park; they will also attend this event. Both SSA and Science Park, together with StartUP Jönköping and representatives from loop-it, will be deciding on the winner. 

“In the end it should be a solution that is feasible and helps the company participating in our challenge”, says Anna Conrad. 

Their biggest hope is that they have created a feasible concept for loop-it so that they have a really great help and can develop further. But also, that it will be a great event for the participating students to gain some knowledge beyond entrepreneurship for example that they are more aware of the sustainable development goals, or how to run a business in a sustainable way.

Yvonne Nolte, the President of StartUP Jönköping.
Everyone will be able to join for the live stream on the final day of the challenge.

All the three of them, Yvonne, Anna and Raja are excited for the upcoming event. They hope all the students that are interested will take the chance of joining the challenge. For everyone else not joining, but interested in seeing what the participants come up with, will be able to join the live stream for the final day of the challenge on April 22nd, live from GRO36, a business center here in Jönköping. 

“Find the best entrepreneurial and creative friends you can get and then you’ve already nearly won”, says Yvonne Nolte, the President of StartUP Jönköping. 

To stay updated with all the information regarding the event, make sure to check out their Facebook event here or their social media: 

Instagram – @startup.jkpg  Facebook – StartUP Jönköping

Design: Alexandra Gredeus Ampuero
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