Walking on the moon, not so distant after all

Ever since Space X, an American Aerospace manufacturer and space transportation company announced its first mission to space with a civilian crew in January 2021, all I have been thinking about is going to the moon. I would probably be the first African ever to reach space. Space X has done us a huge favour of privatising the space race that for years has been dominated by the world’s most powerful governments. Now a guy like me can also afford to dream about space. 

The privatisation of Space travel has not only added another expensive means of transport to our world but has also opened up chances for investment, further research and with time, it will definitely answer most unanswered questions about space. All of you reading this article can also choose to become astronauts, knowing well that there will be a great job as the world’s most expensive tour guide.

Honestly, even with a lifetime of coincidences and miracles, there is no way most of us could ever make it to the moon if companies like Space X did not exist. I am not saying I will be going to space anytime soon but wouldn’t it be something if I did? I can only imagine how my friends will envy my history making photo as the first person ever to sip wine in space, if that is even legal. I would be on top of the world like Neil Armstrong, only this time a bit cooler. No offence Mr. Armstrong.

Who would have ever thought that a South African young man would be able to take people up to space for a whooping 55 million US dollars. If Elon Musk is not a robot, then he is a genius. And of course, he knows how to make the big bucks. He founded Space X in 2002 with a dream on his mind, and look where he is now, shaking the world with his wit. This man reminds me of never stop dreaming however wild the dream may be. So here I am writing to my heart’s content with a huge smile on my face and if I ever go to space, I will surely write about that too.

Undoubtedly before I go to the moon, I would probably first have to cross the bridge of explaining to my mother where I got the idea of vacating the earth. The fact that Musk is African would not help my argument. Second, I would have to cross the 55 million US dollar bridge which may have doubled or tripled by the time I am ready. But it gives me joy to learn that travel to space is only a few million dollars away, unlike when it used to be so distant with a tough selection process from world governments and years of preparation and training. Now anyone who can afford will be able to explore the upper side of our universe. That should surely count for something.

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