Get to know EDIT PT.2

Name: Alexandra Johnson

Post: Advertising 

Why did I apply: I wanted to gain experience in a field of my education

Best thing about EDIT: You learn a lot by working in a team and it’s very fun and rewarding

Favorite TV show: New girl

Random fact: I have a talent for losing my phone, but somehow I’ve gotten it back every single time

Name: Cathrine Karlsson

Role in EDIT: Design & layout  

Why did I apply: I always loved being creative and I saw EDIT as an opportunity to learn more and evolve at the same time as I got to meet new people.   

Best thing about EDIT: First of all, the group. We´re a team with a lot of different personalities and styles, but we respect each other and work together to make something we all can be proud of. And we also have a lot of freedom within our positions that gives us the possibility to create something you can be proud to put our name on.     

Favourite TV show: Making a murderer 

Random fact: One of my biggest dreams is to swim with white sharks but since that probably never will happen, I got the great idea (when I was drunk) to get a shark tattooed on my arm so every time I go swimming, I swim with a shark.

Name: Julia Hjelm

Role in EDIT: Designer

Why did I apply: I wanted to be creative and work together with other people on something I can see myself work with in the future!

Best thing about EDIT: Everyone is passionate about the work they do and contribute with different skills to the final result. If you like to write, work with the Adobe programs, take photos or any other thing we do at EDIT,  this is a great opportunity for you!

Favourite TV show: Game of thrones Season 1-5 

Random fact: I have a dog who is allergic to all kinds of food (imagine that)

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