Get to know EDIT

Name: Christina E. Marström 

Role in EDIT: Photographer 

Why did I apply?: I wanted to improve my photography skills and get the opportunity to use my camera more! 

Best thing about EDIT: Everyone gets free rein within their role, whether its topics to write about, designing a page, what to photograph, or something else we do in Edit, you can decide a lot for yourself what you want to do and put your name on. 

Favourite TV show: How I Met Your Mother 

Random fact: I can speak danish fluently

Name: Jonna Eklind Wendel

Role in EDIT: Writer

Why did I apply?: I wanted to meet new people, and have a reason to spend more time writing.

Best thing about EDIT: The freedom to influence the content no matter what position we have

Favourite TV show: New Girl

Random fact: I can sleep through anything

Name: Simon Nyman

Role in EDIT: Editor in Chief & Writer

Why did I apply?: I have always enjoyed writing and for a few years now I have started to dream about being a journalist. My interest in sports is something that has helped me understand that this is something I want to work with. For me, EDIT is an opportunity for you to learn a little bit about how it can be working on a magazine, before you graduate. 

Best thing about EDIT: The fact that we are a team that trust each other! But for me, it has got to be the first time you are holding the magazine in your hand. When you read your own article and are able to see the amazing work the designers have done with the different texts. That’s pretty cool, because as a writer you don’t really see the work until it’s done.

Favourite TV show: Friends & Grey’s Anatomy. I’m really bad at finishing series, but I managed to watch 12 seasons of Grey’s until I had enough.

Random fact:  I have a neurological condition called Synesthesia. This basically means that (for me) letters, words and days have different colours. It’s really difficult to explain without sounding a bit weird. It’s like I can see the word “Monday” in a colour (and Monday is white). This is something that is very helpful because I remember names and tasks I need to do since the word is connected to a colour. Google it!

Name: John Fellbo

Role in EDIT: Writer

Why did I apply?: I applied because of my interest in journalism. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to work in that field and with EDIT I got a chance to try it as well as having some merit when I’ll eventually apply for jobs.

Best thing about EDIT: Probably a lot of the reasons i’ve already said, it’s a really good experience to have. But not just the writing, you get to meet so many different people, stay up to date with what’s happening on campus. And then I will always recommend everyone to be a part of the student life, life at JU will only elevate if you take that step.

Favourite TV show: This might be the hardest question, there are so many good tv shows. I can probably get it down to two favourite shows, one drama and one comedy. The drama is simply Breaking Bad, just the most incredibly written show ever. It’s also even better on multiple viewings. For the comedy I have to mention “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”, don’t let the horrible title scare you. This show is 14 seasons in and still going strong, every episode has a laugh out loud moment, check it out!

Random fact: I once ended up on tv accidentally, I was 5 and my family went to Gothenburg where the hockey World Cup was held. We sat in the stands and the tournament mascot went by down by the sideboards. My parents pushed me to go down and take a picture so I did. But when I looked back up into the crowd I didn’t see them so I started walking around the rink looking up at the stands. Suddenly there were a lot of cameras around me and I saw a couple of guys standing and talking, and I recognised these people. I had ended up in the background of the period break

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