The student mind in Jönköping city is a very interesting object. It craves for knowledge on Monday and Tuesday, loosens up on Wednesday evening, beats some deadlines on Thursday (sometimes whilst hangover) and gets excited for Friday. On the weekends, it visits family, cleans the room or hangs with friends at a location I will not disclose today. And then the routine happens all over again for the next week. This is the combination of education and fun that pretty much sums up the student life, and this here my little article. 

For anyone reading this article, I am pretty sure you know Jönköping and are actually living here now. For those of you who are yet to join us, well I hope by the end of this lovely article, you will have a picture of the city. Thousands of young enthusiastic students from all over the world flock the campus of Jönköping University every year to start a journey into their professional careers. Just like most student cities, Jönköping is designed to cater for every need and aspiration that a youthful lad like me can have.

The main characteristics of any student city are undoubtedly the ability for the city to accommodate, educate and entertain the students it lures from all walks of life. And read the traits very well, I started with the most important according to public opinion, accommodation. I would not love to speak for you my fellow students but according to my research, especially in Sweden, living is a very critical issue that particularly attracts students to a given town. How far is my ‘crib’ from school, how small or big is it, can I have friends over? are some of the considerations Linda Chinenye , a bachelors student had as she applied to the university. For those of us that travel with family, the issue of accommodation becomes even more critical because you will have to do a little more digging than an individual student. Luckily for us however, the University provides accommodation for all international students and organises help whenever needed.

The major reason we even seek accommodation in the first place in Jönköping, is education. On that note therefore, my first thought as I dribbled down this article was if the promise of a start of a global career, that I read on the university website was coming to realisation. The approach of spring is the time I believe when all of us pounder on the quality of our grades, the amount of knowledge we are receiving and if our careers are starting to surface from the corridors of our respective schools. Believe it or not education is why you are here folks and everything else is designed to help you in your journey through the study for the three, four or even five years you are here. The city architects designed the city for success, just look outside your window or view some pictures online for those of you who are not here yet.

Conversely, while you are here or when you get to Jönköping, walk into random parties that no one invited you to, that is if you are lucky to find one with all the restrictions. Take a long walk with your crush, challenge yourself to try new food, visit the escape room, join student associations, miss the bus every day and then chase it, find out that you sing karaoke quite well and post it on snapchat, play the good kind of truth or dare, forget to record your zoom lectures, play a song for your classmates during a zoom lesson break, text your favourite person, make up with your ex just to break up with them all over again and all other fun things you can get your hands on.  For now, I will let the city ambassadors take their job back and wait for my next EDIT assignment, ciao and see you after lockdown.

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