Workout wherever you are – with JUSA on YouTube

With all their practices being cancelled due to the pandemic, JUSA now launches their YouTube channel with at-home-workouts you can do wherever you are, whenever you want. “We hope this is the beginning of something that will continue in the long run”, says Sara Osberg, the Project Leader of JUSA.

February 15th JUSA uploaded their first workout video on their YouTube channel JUSACAMPUS. The project team plans on uploading once a week, with various types of exercise videos and so far, you can find videos with agility, HIIT, glute and mobility exercises.

“We hope this is the beginning of something that will continue in the long run. Hopefully we will be able to start with our practices soon, that’s what we all want. But I think the YouTube channel always is a good alternative if you aren’t in Jönköping, on vacation or during the summer”, says Sara Osberg, the Project Leader of JUSA. 

The idea came up as a natural solution in November 2020 when JUSA no longer could have their practices due to the pandemic. The first video they created was a yoga session with a yoga instructor Sara knew since before. When the project team later checked with the members to see what kind of videos they would like, yoga was one of the top requested sports.

“The members have been very positive to the project and have helped out a lot. One of them said ‘I know karate, I can help with that’. So, this has been a lot thanks to them.”

Their videos will have different lengths, some longer and some shorter. The idea of having videos under five minutes came from that they wanted to create the possibility of doing the videos during the short Zoom lecture-breaks when we all need to get up and move. Sara and the five other people in the project team have been working close with the JUSA board to make this happen. So far, they have chosen the videos based on their expertise and requests from the members. Now, they are happy to hear your ideas.

Sara Osberg, the Project Leader of JUSA.

“If you feel that you want to be a part of this, we would love to hear from you! Let us know what kind of videos or sports specific workouts you practice or request, and if you want to hold them. Let us know by sending a message to our Instagram [@jusacampus] or to our mail [].”

Go to JUSA on YouTube here (link opens in a new tab)

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