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With hundreds of thousands of followers from all over the world that daily waits for Gordana Biernat’s insightful thoughts and life advice while being one of Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul 100 teachers, I got the opportunity to have an eye opening and enriching conversation with her. Create the life you want to live, on your own conditions – meet Gordana Biernat.

Gordana Biernat is a world famous speaker, inspirational coach, author and one of the SuperSoul 100 teachers. She shares her thoughts daily on Twitter, Instagram and other social media and inspires people all over the world to become more conscious of who they truly are. She says: “There is a stillness within each and everyone of us that contains the truth about who we are and our purpose in life. Connecting to this stillness allows us to become less fearful and more present.” Biernats message has no connection to religion, gender or geographic background – she believes that everybody has the ability to connect with this truth within themselves, and live their best life possible.

Stillness is the key

I find it very fascinating to talk about this stillness inside of us. We talk about everyone having a conscious awareness inside of themselves, but Biernat means that it is only when we find and connect with our stillness within, that we can truly be our best selves. When we find the witnessing presence inside of us we can think more clearly, make better decisions and become more goal-oriented. This is when we truly see what we have and what we want.

“It’s hard to be authentic and true to yourself in a society that is focused on surface, shallowness and superficial qualities. By constantly feeling the need to compete and compare ourselves with others we are left with a lingering feeling of never being good enough.” Biernat


We continue to talk about how today’s young people have more difficulties finding this stillness inside of themselves. As a young adult in today’s somewhat developed, but also at times stressful society, it can be hard to rely on your own gut-feeling and to pave your own path. Sometimes it can be really hard to realize that I am good as I am, and I do my very best to achieve my goals – or at least that is a feeling I often can relate to, and a feeling I believe most of my peers feel. It is often easier to find the negative stuff in yourself, rather than the many positive things that every single human being actually possesses. I don’t really know if it is the society, the general expectations, or myself, that at times put too much pressure – but I do know that it is something most people in my generation struggle with. This is a topic Biernat talks a lot about and emphasizes that; when feelings of “not being enough” arise, take a deep breath and focus on doing something you really like and enjoy. Something that is not connected with outer validation such as compliments or grades in school. – For me, I just go for a run deep down in the woods.

The inner dance between the masculine and feminine principles

During our conversation Biernat talks about two inherent energies that she says are always at play within us. She means that we all have, no matter our gender, a feminin as well as a masculine energy flowing through our body and mind. The dance between these two energies have an effect on how we act in the world and how we perceive our reality. The feminin energy is more organic and allowing, and urges us to take the path where we enjoy ourselves along the way and where the thought behind the action is more important and central. The masculine energy wants us to strategize and take the shortest and fastest way possible from point A to point B. Biernat continues talking about how our hectic society seems to be ruled by the masculine principle and energy which relentlessly leaves us with the feeling of not being fast enough, smart enough, good enough and always feeling stressed out, and that we should be doing more – feelings which I at least recognize a lot within me. As one of many with the typical“always wanting to do better, never satisfied -syndrome” (which I must say is also one of my strengths, or at least at certain times), I now get a wider perspective on why these stressful feelings may occur frequently for many of us in today’s society. It is important to find the balance between these two complementary energies in order to feel the best while still reaching your goals. Do not forget to enjoy the way to the goal – the saying: it’s not the goal but the way there that matters is crucial to remind yourself of occasionally. Find your own way and right frequency and attract the things you want to achieve. Because as Biernat says: “You attract things of the same frequency as YOU. How conscious of what YOU really want, are you?” – Biernat 

The “Nobel Prize” in Self-Help, and the book #KnowTheTruth

During 2016, Gordana was announced and appointed as one of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100 teachers, where she is the only one from Europe. It is a top 100 list of innovative visionaries (such as Tony Robbins, Eckhardt Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson just to mention a few), whose thoughts and ideas have the ability to raise consciousness on a global scale and the power to inspire and uplift people at large. Gordana has also released a book “KnowTheTruth: Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything” which has the purpose to help you understand yourself and your own place in the world. The book can be read from cover to cover, or used as an oracle where you think of a number between 1-231 – which is the amount of thoughts and advice in the book. Just open the book and read your synchronistically chosen message for the day.

Oprah Winfrey & Gordana Biernat

“Be present to life’s presents.” – Biernat

We talk about how it is important to be conscious of what you do and more importantly why you are doing it, because only then you will know if it is a step you actually want to take. The courage to create your own path in life isn’t easy, but it will always take you further than trying to “fit in” by conforming. Biernat emphasizes that, the ones who are content, happy and feel successful in life are the ones who can enjoy the journey because they see miss-steps as lessons learned, not as failures.

She says: “There are no failures, there is only feedback and what you choose to do with the feedback. Evaluate. Rethink. Let go. Focus on what you can learn from it and what you can do better next time. That’s all.” – Biernat

Don’t forget that life is not an exam. It’s an adventure to be explored. So, do your best, enjoy life and remember, a failed exam is not the whole world – worrying about it will lead you nowhere – just do it again and again. If that does not help, go to AKA and then do it again.

“If we are constantly worrying about the future, we will never fully experience the realness of the present and instead find ourselves in an abstract world of the ego mind. Know this: You aren’t supposed to know the future. You’re supposed to be in the present.” – Biernat

Biernat is truly passionate about helping people all over the world to grow in consciousness and awareness. She strongly believes that in order for us to be happy in life we first have to know who we truly are. She says: “The way I see it, success in life is not a question of how much money, power or what position you have acquired. It is a question of how happy YOU are with WHO you are” – Biernat 

Her mission in life is to inspire, help and uplift people.


Some tips from Gordana Biernat to students:

  • Trust yourself.
  • Appreciate, respect and honour yourself.
  • Do not break promises to yourself.
  • Be as kind to yourself as you are to others.
  • Forgive yourself as easily as you forgive others.
  • Don’t take life so seriously. Everything always works out in the end.
  • Never lose yourself in the jungles of the grownup’s world. Education is important but it’s not a matter of life and death. 
  • Laugh more, explore more, and don’t forget to have fun!

My conversation with Gordana Biernat was truly inspiring and eye-opening. She is a visionary in her field of work and I believe she will continue to do more great things in life that can help others to feel better about themselves.

“Follow your excitement – life can be wonderful if you are present” – Biernat

Photo: Private - Gordana Biernat
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