Second year students are back on campus again

After having zoom classes almost the whole year, second year students are back on campus again, ready to discover campus and enjoy the student life for real. With no restrictions, both the campus and Jönköping as a city open up opportunities for the students to study and enjoy life at the same time. 

The pandemic hit students in all grades, but for the students who started studying last year the campus life hasn’t been much of something to talk about. But this year, also now with the restrictions going away even second year students can start discovering campus. Astrid Berg and Maja Davidsson, second year students at the Media and communications program, enjoy the new on-campus lifestyle. 

“Finally, we feel like students,” Maja Davidsson says.

Maja has been on campus from time to time during the pandemic to get some change of scenery when studying, while Astrid, who lives further away, hasn’t been on campus since last fall. Astrid describes the feeling as almost feeling like a new student, learning to find her way around school, and meeting her classmates in real life. They both study a media production focused semester and knew they would be prioritized on campus this semester since it’s a very practical course, but with other people also starting getting back to campus they feel nothing but happiness. 

“It’s nice just to see other people and get to know them”, Astrid Berg says.

“Yes, and like we did today just laugh together in class. I also enjoy having lunch with people and getting this daily connection,” Maja Davidsson adds.

With the “new” on-campus-lifestyle also comes routines, making sure the usual sleeping habits fit the schedule, transportation to school and bringing food or snacks to keep the energy going throughout the day. Both Astrid and Maja cannot think of anything bad about going back to campus. They have been longing for this for a long time and hope it will stay this way. With ID and Aka opening again, as well as other events on and off campus, the student life starts blooming again parallel with the studies. But the girls still fear a new wave of the pandemic.

“Stay safe, and if you feel sick, stay home.”

“And get vaccinated” they finish.

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