Spring Kick Off 2021 – rethink, unpredictable and a once-in-a-life-time opportunity

This year the Spring Kick Off will be digital. During three evenings next week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the social committees, sexmasteries, will be holding livestreams to welcome the new students. Let us hear what some of the presidents of the sexmasteries have to say about the Kick Off.

“We want to welcome our new students with a type of kickoff that has never been done before and this livestream concept where everything can happen, will make you want to tune in and watch. There will be toastmasters taking you through our tv-show-inspired livestream with challenges, some enjoyable videos and much more.  It’s a rethink, unpredictable and a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. Welcome!” – Sofia Jonasson Linde, president of Blue Crew

“This years kick off will be completely different compared to previous years, and we felt that a warm welcoming for our new students might be even more important now than ever. Our goal is to make everyone feel seen and welcome to Jönköping regardless of the fact that we can’t physically greet them. For our livestream the students can expect Sexkreations way of being informative in our own special way, where humor and spexes are important contributors. It will definitely be worth tuning in for, for both new and current students!” /best regards, Emelie

“The new students can expect a unique kickoff-experience that can be enjoyed from the safety of their home. We always strive to do our best in order for new students to feel welcome and this year is no different. You can expect dancing, singing, fun and even some pain on our live show throughout week 3, make sure you tune in and enjoy. And of course – Welcome to JU!” – Joel Andersson, ordf. Pedsex

“During the kick off there will be both a live performance and a prerecorded show for the new students to look at. There will also be short films on our social medias. We also have a few fadders, who will act as a source of information and support of our new students. During the live performance Cellskapet will answer a few questions as well as completing a bunch of fun missions for your entertainment. We will also have an overall ceremony for the students so they can wear the overalls as they should be worn.” – Sexmaster Amanda “Layaway” Ekman

Stay tuned for more information on the sexmasteries Instagram and Facebook, and also on the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1187903771612606

Welcome to the new school year, both new and current students!

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