Hopeful new year

Happy new year, they say. But what if it won’t be a happy one? It’s a lot of pressure to put on the new year, or on anyone like: “Hey you, be happy.” But they also say that hope is the last thing that leaves us. So that’s exactly what I’ll bring into the new year. On one hand because of the big global events of 2020 that screamed change for a better world and on the other hand, because of all the personal events that have kept me growing. Let’s face it, 2020 didn’t go the way we expected, and we have absolutely no clue what’s happening 2021.

But be brave. Be curious. Be hopeful. One thing I’ve learnt in 2020 was taking chances even if they scared me. And to all of you overthinkers out there. Try not to think. Trust me, I know it’s easier said than done. But it can turn into something pretty amazing. Say hi to that new person. Try a new hobby. Set up goals even if you’re not sure how to reach them. Challenge yourself.

They often say that you’ve got to have a plan. Where are you going? What’s the next step? Of course, it’s needed in some ways, but what if I want to live in the here and now? What if I just want to see where it leads me? What if all I want is to enjoy the moment before it goes away? All we truly know is this exact moment. Even if we know what we want to grow into, it doesn’t always go as planned. And that’s okay. 

Let’s go into 2021 with bravery. Challenge yourself and keep taking chances. That’s the way we’ll grow. From me to you, I’m wishing you a hopeful new year!

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