Student Union invests in a new car


In the beginning of next year, a new car arrives at the Student Union. This was informed during last week’s board meeting.

During the board meeting on December 15th Sophia Fröberg Liljenberg, the president of Jönköping Student Union (JSU), announced the result from the voting about investing in a new car. The majority voted for yes, and in the beginning of January 2022 the new car is planned to arrive. The car is a minibus from Lidströms Bil, a retailer that has been used by JSU before. The offered price for the minibus is 261 125 SEK and includes winter tires and the cost of installing a towbar.

The Student Union has had three cars, two of them they have had for 10-15 years, but they have had several problems with them the last few years. Looking at the reparation costs, a car investment felt needed. They chose a minibus with seats for nine people since the car is available for the Student Union and all associations under JSU, and groups often use the cars for group activities or for transporting large items.

Regarding the voting it was held through Google Forms. When it comes to decisions that have to be made quickly and can’t wait till the next board meeting, the board can use the possibility to do a distance voting called per capslum. This also means they had to have discussed the topic during a former board meeting, in this case they discussed the car investment on November 10th. So, the question is: how safe is the Google Form voting in board decisions? EDIT reached out to Sophia Fröberg Liljenberg, the president of JSU, for a comment.

      Regarding who has been voting. The link is only sent to board members and it’s all about the trust to the members who have been chosen by the students that they are the ones voting and doesn’t hand out the link to anyone else. Me as the chairman also checks that everyone has voted, and if the number of votes is more than the total number of members who can vote we know that something has gone wrong directly and can fix it. 

Sophia Fröberg Liljenberg, the president of JSU

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