Instead of “love me, love me not”

I have always enjoyed Valentine’s day. Yeah, sure it’s a commercial day that wants us to buy stuff to show each other love. Think again. Yeah, sure why should we have ONE day to show love when we have 364 other days to do that as well. Thank you, think again. 2021. The world is in a weird place. Last year, and so far this year, hit us with a world pandemic, strong political events, and topics all around the globe keep dividing us. I didn’t think I would say this, but this year I really do think we need ONE day to remind ourselves the importance of love to one another. To our families, friends, partners, neighbors, work colleagues, classmates, and everyone we meet. It doesn’t mean you should go up and kiss everyone (maybe especially not in these times), but smile. One single smile can make someone else’s day. But there’s one person, the most important one, you shouldn’t forget to show love. And that person is you.

Self love doesn’t come from someone telling you how good looking you are or how fantastic you are at your job. That might raise your confidence, but self love comes from within. It´s with self-respect, you listening to your mind and body, taking care of your needs and aiming towards things that serve you. This Valentine’s you should show yourself some love. No matter about the circumstances. Yes, we might be alone. Yes, we might miss someone. Yes, we might just need a hug. But one thing we have for sure is ourselves. 

It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to have someone by my side, getting sent a box of chocolate or a bouquet of flowers with a note telling I love you. But in the end of the day the only person whose love I really do rely on, is my own love to myself. No matter about partners, friends or family, the person I for sure will spend the rest of my life with is me. The person I meet every morning in the mirror while I’m brushing my teeth. The person that no matter how mean I am to it, still carries me through days and nights.

I can hear you say “this is such a cliché”, but it’s not. Self love will be a clique that day every one of us proud and without a doubt can say “I love me”. I won’t say “you can´t love someone if you don´t love yourself”, because I don’t know if that’s true. But one thing I can say is that life gets easier if you love yourself and own company. 

I’m that kind of person who almost always laughs at my own jokes. Also, the person who would describe myself with one of three words as funny. Because first of all, I wouldn’t tell a joke if I didn’t think it was funny. (Disclaimer, I can’t promise you will laugh – we all have different taste). Second of all, describing yourself is your view of yourself, not anyone else’s. If I laugh and can entertain myself, good for me, then I will call myself funny. I’m sure you have words you would like to describe yourself as but hesitate because you care too much of what other people think. So, do me a favor and describe yourself with three words, write them down and keep them to yourself – at least for now. 

Valentine’s day. It’s just one day. Maybe with a good purpose in the first place, but no matter what other people think – it’s all about attitude and making the day your own. Treat it like a normal Sunday, like the most romantic day ever or everything in between. But stop listening to everyone else’s opinion and start listening to yourself. Put yourself first, even if it’s just for one day. I’ll say it one more time. Self love starts from within. Every little cell within creates that unique human being called you. So, please say it after me. Cheers, and happy Valentine’s day to me!

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