JUSA – getJUmoving will continue through December

On the 9th November, JUSA launched getJUmoving, a group at Strava where both students and staff at JU can move together. Through logging the activities, the participants can win prizes. Now they have decided to keep this moving til the end of December.

 Due to the Covid-19 restrictions and all sports being cancelled, JUSA launched getJUmoving, a group at Strava to get students and staff moving during November, or MOVEmber as they call it. The group is available for everyone, JUSA member or not. Through the app you log your activities, walking or running, in order to have a chance to win the weekly prizes. Gift cards, JUSA memberships and t-shirts are examples of the prizes. 

 “We have decided to continue up until the new year. But during Christmas there will be a winner after the two weeks of holiday” says Paniz Yousefi, the president of JUSA.

 Last semester when JUSA had to cancel their practices due to corona they noticed the members still wanted to stay active. This time around they thought “how can we get them to stay active?” and realized running is a great corona safe option. Like many others it’s hard to go out running without a goal and other people which led them to creating something fun where people could be challenged but also feel as a part of a community when they run by themselves. This turned into the Strava group.il 

 “We have gotten great response and are now almost 100 people in the group running together” says Paniz Yousefi.

 This has led to JUSA becoming a great inspiration for Mälardalens högskola in Västerås that contacted them for asking about the app and how it all works. Now Mälardalens högskola has created their own Strava group after seeing the great response at JU. The board of JUSA is now in the making of something else apart from the Strava group, but Paniz Yousefi, the president of JUSA, won’t tell us what it is quite yet.

“All you have is to stay tuned!”

Join the group here: https://www.strava.com/clubs/getjumoving

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