Summer greetings from the EDIT staff

The semester is coming to an end, and summer of 2021 is in its early days. So far, Jönköping has had some pretty nice warm days, which can be good for a beach day and maybe a dip in Vättern;hopefully there are more to come. But like we at EDIT, some of you are heading back home to your hometowns for work, or just enjoying the company of friends and family; while others might stay and do the same in Jönköping. Maybe you are about to celebrate Midsummer, have a crayfish party, or eat sour herring for the first or twentieth time. But don’t forget sunscreen, check for ticks, and try not to itch your mosquito bites. A Swedish summer can be anything from wondering if it’s winter because of the cold and heavy rain, to the sun never leaving and a warmth that becomes a risk for forest fires. Be ready for anything.

We at EDIT want to wish you all an enjoyable summer break no matter where you are, and we hope to see you back at school in the fall! Keep an eye on our Instagram or Facebook (@edit.jsu) to be up to date on news, the latest magazine launch, upcoming events, and when the staff recruitment starts.

Take care and have a nice summer!


Adison, Alexandra, Benson, Donja, Enrique, 

Filippa, Isabella, Lina, Matej, Miles, and Pernilla

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