The kick-off carries a fundamental value to the student community of Jönköping University. This event is as important to a student as is the academics. Even while talking to former students at JU, the kick-off is that one event that they always talk about. For many years, this event has lit up the first 10 days of each semester with many students from different parts of the world attending. 

Project leader Elmer Lidström. Photo: Emma Björkdahl

But hey, do you know the person responsible for giving us the kick-off? In today’s article, I bring you the project leader, Elmer Lidström a student at JU who like his title suggests, is in charge of projects including the kick-off and he is helped by an involvement committee that has representatives from all the sex-masteries. He shared his experience about organising a kick-off and being project leader. The students also gave EDIT their opinions on the Kick-Off.

Organizing the kick-off. 

 “It’s a huge machine that you have to start up every autumn and spring… especially in a year like this where there is covid, it has been quite difficult.” Elmer also says they had to maintain the traditional ten days so that the activities of the kick-off do not encroach on lecture times as was the case last year.

“We had to think of four scenarios and include digital and normal activities with a twist because of the restrictions, to create some kind of Hybrid kick-off and make it a normal kick-off.” Elmer says.

Some continuing students believe the event gets better each year and disappointments are minimized even for a kick-off that happens in this time of restrictions. Anne, a second-year international management student, thinks as long as there is a student community in JU, the kick-off will always be a success.

The project leader informed me that the main focus of this year was to make the kick-off the best we could have during a pandemic. “We did not want to stretch it either, just the same as it used to be.” He says.

Photo: JSU Studio

What the students thought.

Most of the new students I talked to were very happy the kick-off happens, and they got to participate. Louise, a first-year new media design student says she had the best fadder group and felt welcome. “I was actually worried about coming to study because I did not know anyone, but I got friends from my group and apparently they all do my program. That’s nice. ”

“I stayed in my room the whole time, I did not attend any activities, I saw them in the bus, people in colourful pants and it looked fun, but I was busy trying to clean my room and change my accommodation.” Yupng li complained. 

Elmer advises all students to get involved in associations and school organisations because it adds so much value to studies. “There is a lot of fun time to add on school by joining associations and if there is no association that fits your liking, you can always start a new one.” He concludes. 

Preparations for the spring kick off are underway and I hope this time no one watches the activities from the bus, we have so many bus stops around the city. Better press those stop buttons inside the bus and get out. The activities are better enjoyed from outside the bus. 

Photo: JSU Studio
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