When we were kids, every tiny bit of holiday or time to give gifts excited us. So much so that we often cried or hated our parents for not getting us the toy or doll or video game we wanted. To some of us however, these days still excite us. Non so much like Black Friday. The day everyone is happy to spend their money just because items are a few SEK cheaper than usual. 

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people queue up online and in front of stores to get their hands on items they probably already have at home. This joy was not very possible last year but may happen bigger and better this time around. An international survey finds that almost over 60% of all black Friday purchases are not for the person who made the purchase, they are gifts. This makes things a little more hectic because if the item is delivered to you, then you must send it to your loved one, or drive to their place, which creates more traffic.

For context, the real issue is not the items we buy, it is the journeys and time in between deliveries. From store to home, home to home and the occasional returns, home to store and then back to home. If you got lost there you are probably not a student at JIBS. 

Black Friday came into existence as a name for the day after thanksgiving in Philadelphia when there was a huge traffic of people heading to stores to buy gifts for their families. The stores capitalised on this flux and went with the flow of black Friday that is now popular world over.  Now this day has been turned into a whole week or weeks of shopping and delivery, making it one of the busiest times of the year. It does not help that this black week leads us straight into the festive season which is another shopping spree of its own. Considering the mayhem of the previous years, families can now gladly go visit one another and finally share those gifts.

I can literally feel the excitement as mega stores announce black Friday sales online and in store. We are lucky that most of the shopping happens online, at least for Sweden otherwise we would probably be heading back to quarantine after the black week. The week will also find a lot of new internet users since all we did this year was searching the internet and becoming media wizards. 

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